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Determining the Correct Amount of Child Support

Do you have a child custody trial or child support case? Roose Law Firm PLLC of Johnston, IA knows stress and frustrations that ever parent experiences during such a difficult time. Determining child support can be confusing, so you need to have someone with experience to help you determine the correct amount of child support. Julia Roose has over 15 years of experience in family law, giving her the ability to determine child support. Julia will also be able to assist you with setting the initial child support amount, modifying child support or making sure that the Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit sets the correct amount of child support in a review and adjust action. Call us for legal assistance.
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Financial Support for Your Children

Know the Child Support Guidelines

Iowa has developed child support guidelines to determine the amount of child support to be paid for the support of children. The child support amount is determined based on who has custody of the children, the parenting time of the non-custodial parent, both parent's incomes as well as several other important factors. Call today to learn your rights!