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If you are faced with a divorce or paternity action, the most important thing will be protecting your children and making sure their best interests are served. Roose Law Firm PLLC of Johnston, IA can help you. Often the most difficult issues in a divorce or custody action is deciding where your child will live, who will have primary custody of the children, or if you and your spouse will have shared custody and how to provide financially for your children.
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Favorable Mediation Agreements

When it comes to a custody matter, your children's well-being is the top concern. Julia Roose is experienced in child custody and can help you to craft the best legal agreement for your children to make sure their needs are met. Julia has drafted many mediation agreements that will ensure your children are protected, without the need of a “custody battle”. Julia will also fight for you in a custody trial if you and your spouse are not able to reach an agreement outside of court. Call her today!