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Alimony Can Be Confusing

At Roose Law Firm PLLC of Johnston, IA we understand the alimony cases are not always simple. The details and challenges of a drawn out alimony case needs to be handled with care that only experience in the field can bring. Julia Roose has been working family law cases for over 15 years and is able to carefully guide her clients through the legal process.
In the state of Iowa, judges are not provided with a set of guidelines to determine the amount of alimony a spouse is entitled to receive. Because of this, each case is individually decided by the judge assigned to that particular trial.
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With no particular guidelines to ensure you receive the alimony needed, it is important to work with a knowledgeable and caring attorney. Together, you and your attorney will present a strong case to the judge that shows the specific need for alimony and your spouse's ability to pay the alimony. In the instance that you are required to pay alimony, you will need to show the judge all possible evidence that proves your spouse does not need alimony.
Ensure you work with an attorney that can represent your alimony case with familiarity with your situation and the way alimony is decided on in Iowa.
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